We are moving to 100% sustainable packaging

As one of the nation’s leading Cannabis companies, Evergreen Herbal is proud to lead the industry and do our part to address Climate Change.

Over the next 24 months, we pledge to redesign all our pouches, bottles, boxes and other packaging and use sustainable materials for all our brands 

Non-recyclable packaging SUCKS

We all have heard —and seen — enough: Plastics and other non-sustainable materials that end up in our landfills are a threat to our health and all life around us, in land and sea. 
We need to act, with deeds, not only with words.       

95% of waste plastic ends up in landfills (3% of it ends up in oceans and rivers) 

In addition, there +2,000 landfills (and growing) all throughout the USA, which increases the risk of pollution and disease. 

Gas emissions from landfills are major health and environment hazards

These sites produce CO2 and methane, both contributors to the "greenhouse effect" in the atmosphere. Even if these sites are disguised, they are still contaminating.

Plastics that end up in oceans cause tens of thousands marine animal deaths 

Fish and other sea life die by entaglement or ingestion of plastics. Those That don't die and are fished for human consumption, carry microplastics that harm our health.

Over the next 18 months, we pledge to redesign and transition ALL our pouches, sleeves, boxes, and other materials to exclusively sustainable packaging.

The transition begins in the summer of 2022 with Evergreen Herbal’s largest brands: The 4.20 Bar™, Sinners & Saints™, Blaze Cola™, Hi Lite™ and with our suppliers and partners.  We invite other like-minded cannabis companies, and the community in general to join forces in making the cannabis industry a force of change toward earth-friendly, renewable resources.

Recycling is cheaper than disposing waste into landfills — and it even helps the economy.

Recycling not only benefits the environment but also positively affects the economy. The materials from which the items are made can be made into new products while reducing waste.

We are tackling the entire chain of materials: pouches, labels, caps, boxes, wrappers and more!

The first step is to ensure that our entire product footprint doesn't add more waste to landfills. We are working with our partners in the industry so that collectivelly we can make a large impact!

But recyclable materials are just the beginning. 

Our pledge is Evergreen Sustainability:  We're on this path for the long haul, starting with the move from non-recycable to recyclable packaging. But we're also researching mid term solutions with plant-based materials suppliers, such as "hemp-plastics" and other compostable materials. 

This is not a short term initiative, it's our company's promise for this, and future generations. 


Do No Harm

We pledge to reduce our environmental impact by transitioning any non-recyclable materials to recyclable, and by maximizing the use of plant-based, bio-friendly packaging.

Care For The Earth

We pledge to source ingredients and other raw materials honorably and sustainably.  We'll reinvesting part of our sales into recycling initiatives, water conservation, and reforestation. 

Inspire Change

We pledge to create and join movements that bring awareness of the need to reduce plastics, improve packaging sustainability, and promote solutions that help our planet.

Evergreen Sustainability Pledge: 

In Action!

In June 2022, we started working with our pouches supplier to redesign our entire Sinners & Saints™ line to make it recyclable. 

Our new pouches are made from 100% Polyethylene (PE), which is compliant with the How2Recycle® Drop-off program.


Evergreen Herbal is the first Food and Beverage Cannabis company in Washington to pledge the move to fully sustainable packaging — and that's only the first step!


Come along in the journey and let's make change happen, for good!

You Can Make a Difference!


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